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Cooking Duck

Let us help you learn to cook duck! It's easier than you may think. Follow along with our quick how-to videos, common questions and tips from the experts. All of our best quack hacks can be found here.


Are you intimidated by cooking duck? Let us show you how easy it can be! Although fine dining chefs throughout the world are famous for duck dishes, it is just as easy to cook duck in your own kitchen at home.

When duck is cooked the right way, its just as easy as cooking up chicken or steak. It can be as simple as throwing a whole duck in the oven for a few hours or cooking up a skinless duck breast in a pan within minutes. We have products that can fit everyone's comfort level in the kitchen. We also have a large library of recipes for cooks of all skill levels and tons of tips from years of working with duck in our own kitchen that can help guide you along your way to becoming a duck expert.

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Let us help you get creative at home with duck!

For easy recipe ideas, you can also follow along on our Facebook as Marketing Manager & Fourth Generation family member, Olivia Tucker, hosts her "#LunchWithLiv" weekly live video series. Liv walks through easy, quick recipes you can make at home to enjoy duck for lunch. She brings in special chef guests, Tucker family members, and even her duck-loving Labrador, Lucy, into her videos. She will also cover restaurants throughout the country serving duck as she travels on business.

Still intimidated? Check out our cooking duck how-to videos to see step-by-step directions to cook your favorite duck products.

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When you choose Maple Leaf Farms duck, you can rest assured that you're getting the highest-quality, most consumer-friendly product on the market. That's why I only use Maple Leaf Farms duck in my restaurant, City Tavern.
Chef Walter Staib | Chef & Owner, City Tavern, Philadelphia
Today's dining culture is requesting the best quality ingredients, grown sustainabilty and providing wholesome nutrition. Working with Maple Leaf Farms duck products, applying your favorite techniques, and choosing the perfect seasoning and accompaniments will create an entree, salad, appetizer, or hors d'oeurve you can serve with pride. Maple Leaf Farms duck is a staple on the menus in Pebble Beach.
Chef Beat Giger | CEC ACC, Corporate Chef of Pebble Beach Resorts, CA
Over the years I have appreciated working with Maple Leaf Farm products at many operations from fine dining to casual theme restaurants.
Chef Michael Watz, Washburne Culinary Institute
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Cooking Duck is easy with our step-by-step how-to videos! Learn to deep fry, roast or pan sear your favorite duck products in under 5 minutes. Easy preparations for a duck holiday meal or simple family meal!

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Want to cook the perfect duck breast or create an extra delicious roast duck? Find the best cooking advice from chefs we have worked with for years.

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Questions about how to use our products? Check out our FAQ section for quick tips on duck and information on how Maple Leaf Farms raises our birds.