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Farm to Fork Process

Maple Leaf Farms puts care into every step of our fully integrated Farm to Fork process. We believe it is our responsibility to be as transparent as we can be with our farming practices.

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This is the story behind our duck

This is the #StoryBehindOurDuck. We demonstrate care and humane practices at every step of the way. We know it is incredibly important to be as transparent as possible in our farming practices, and we invite you along to learn all about our process and our Trident Stewardship Duck Care Program.

Our story starts with the age old question: did the duck or the egg come first?

In our process, the parent birds on our breeder farms lay eggs that are brought to our hatchery and incubated in a safe environment. Once hatched, our baby ducks move to our family farms in Northern Indiana where they are raised in a free to roam, cage-free environment. Ducks are NEVER given growth hormones or antibiotics and have free access to fresh water and food. They live a happy & comfortable life in climate controlled barns that help protect them from cold Indiana winters, predators like coyotes, and diseases other animals could be carrying. They have fresh air windows throughout the barn and are walked by our family farmers at least twice a day.

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When it is time for harvesting, ducks are processed humanely and sometimes even processed with a Halal certification. At the processing facility, we continue our sustainability efforts as we attempt utilize as much of the duck as we can. "Everything but the quack" we like to say. Feathers are sent to make pillows and comforters, and meat becomes the tasty products you love.

Finally, the duck is packed and sent to our distribution center where it will either head to food service, retail stores, or to your door if you order on our online store.

Check out an inside look of our process and facilities through our video series and vertical integration animation!

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Farm to Fork Process

Check out our fully vertically integration process from Farm to Fork! Follow along step by step on Maple Leaf Farms Duck's journey to you.

Farm Tour

An inside look into one of our Northern Indiana Farms hosted by Growout Field Technician Keturah Hyde.

Feed Mill Tour

Take an exclusive tour of our feed mill and feed making process for all of our ducks.

Biosecurity Video

Keeping our ducks happy & healthy is our top priority. Take a look at how we make sure our barns are in top shape!

Trident Stewardship

A quick overview of Maple Leaf Farms' third party certified duck animal humane program with fourth generation family member Zach Tucker. For more information visit our Trident Stewardship page.


White pekin ducks


Did you know there are several different types of duck breeds that may make it to your plate? But, there is a BIG difference in how they may taste. Check out why Maple Leaf Farms produces only White Pekin Duck.

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Our third party certified Trident Stewardship Duck Care Program leads the industry in humane duck raising practices. The program focuses on three pillars: Duck Well-being, Biosecurity & Natural Resource Conservation. All three work in unison to ensure the healthiest duck possible.