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Maple Leaf Farms is committed to keeping our employees, ducks, and you happy. Join the Maple Leaf Farms family and check out our journey to where we are today. We can't wait to deliver on quality and a creative culinary experiences for you and your family to share!


Five Generations and more than 60 years later, Maple Leaf Farms duck continues to create culinary experiences from the kitchen table to restaurants around the world. Our farm to fork focus and vertical integration ensures that you are getting the tastiest duck in the most sustainable and humane way possible.

We knew from the start that treating our ducks right is our top priority. That's why we put care into every step of farming, feeding, and processing. We keep our ducks as happy and healthy as possible at our farms. They eat a healthy balance of grains and veggies and are free to roam in cage free barns. We knew this was a priority from the start, so we developed the first and only duck well-being guidelines with veterinarians and poultry scientists from all over the country. Our Trident Stewardship Program is the leading duck care program in the world.

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Our sustainable focus continues into the processing plants, which are local, and are continually focused on reduction of materials and recycling programs. Further reducing our carbon footprint with optimized trucking, and even direct delivery to your door from our online store, are examples of how we continue to improve our farm to fork process.

Treating our employees right is just as important as treating our ducks right and delivering top quality products. Our employees are the lifeline of our company, and we consider them all part of our Maple Leaf Farms family. Our invaluable team has made us the top market leader in the duck industry for over 40 years. We grow together daily to create the best possible products for you.

Maple Leaf Farms Duck is here for you to get creative in the kitchen. Take your taste buds on an adventure and bring out your inner foodie. Whether it is a classic duck breast, our famous Roast Half Duck or innovative items like Duck Brats, Duck Bacon, or Duck appetizers, we have a delicious product for you to enjoy.

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“Maple Leaf Farms will be a family business that benefits both the family and its employees. We will continue to benefit from building our competencies into world-class leadership positions and to pursue the development of new business opportunities.”
We start with family roots and family farms to create healthy ducks and great tasting products. Explore duck with your family and our family. This is Maple Leaf Farms, from farm to fork.



We encourage memorable family meals through our products

We encourage a balance between work and family through flexibility

We consider family to be an integral part of our culture


We encourage the development of fun, exciting and interesting work roles so our employees look forward to coming to work each day

We encourage having a sense of humor

We encourage a clear balance of fun and work in all of our activities


We consider the food we produce to be part of the joy of living

We demand that our products and services meet the highest standards of quality

We encourage our employees and their families to try and use our products


We strive for consistent, company-wide profitability in order to provide employees with consistent financial security

We provide competitive compensation, career advancement opportunities and benefits programs


We believe that to truly break down silos of communication and enjoy the ultimate in team building, we must be friends and truly trust and enjoy each other

We encourage camaraderie between our employees

We encourage personal attention and friendships with our customers


We believe in helping employees fulfill their career aspirations through training programs, career path development and educational support

We encourage creativity

We encourage empowerment

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Four generations of Tucker family ownership and decades of dedicated employees make up our family. Get to know our Maple Leaf Farms community and the Tucker family's commitment to fostering a caring team.

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Since 1958, Maple Leaf Farms has been committed to expanding while adhering to our values. Our founder, Donald Wentzel, sparked the idea that brought us years of success and growth to follow.

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Maple Leaf Farms is committed to our community and environment through everything we do. From the farms, to our facilities we aim to keep our practices socially responsible and ethically grounded.

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In the Northern Indiana area? We created our Duck, Down & Above retail store located at our headquarters in Leesburg so you can easily shop our whole line in person along with our sister brands.

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The latest and greatest Maple Leaf Farms news! Everything you can want on new products, events, and notable stories in the press- you can find all of our newest updates here.

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Check out our latest job postings! We are always looking to expand our family here at Maple Leaf Farms. Learn all about benefits, opportunities & even apply online.

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Maple Leaf Farms participates in events from coast to coast regularly. Come visit us at an event near you soon! You may even catch our Duck Truck on the move.