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Rotisserie duck

Rotisserie Duck

Cooking a duck on a rotisserie grill produces moist, delicious meat with crispy skin. Use a rub to accent the flavor of the duck with a variety of spices.

Pan roasted duck breast in walnut crust with spiced apple malt chutney

Pan Roasted Duck Breast in Walnut Crust with Spiced Apple Malt Chutney

Winner, 2002 Duck Recipe Contest, Chef Guenther Cussigh

Duck cakes with bourbon creamed corn

Duck Cakes with Bourbon Creamed Corn

Grand Prize Winner, 2007 Plate Recipe Contest, Chef Geoff Kelty

Char su roasted duck

Char Su Roasted Duck

1998 Entree Winner MLF Recipe Contest, Chef Stephen Black

Savory duck stuffed baked apples with walnut herb rice

Savory Duck-Stuffed Baked Apples with Walnut Herb Rice

2010 Video Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner, Melissa Scheer